Belfast Power Station

A new era in low carbon electricity generation

Investing in Northern Ireland’s most Efficient & Flexible Low Carbon Power Station

Belfast Power Holdings, a company jointly set up between Evermore Energy and Crescent Capital have plans to invest more than £280m in developing Ireland’s most efficient thermal plant at the Belfast Harbour Estate.

The 480MW gas fired power station will be one of the UK and Ireland’s most flexible plants with the ability to allow renewables such as biomass, wind and solar onto its system at any given time. The station is the first large scale gas fired power plant to be developed in Northern Ireland for over 15 years and will produce enough power for more than 500,000 homes and businesses across the province ensuring increased security of supply for the energy market.

Belfast Power Station Key Facts

  • 480MW


    Flexible and efficient power.

  • 700


    Construction jobs created.

  • 35+


    Permanent roles on site.

  • Technology


    Using the best in class Siemens technology.

  • Low Carbon Heat

    Low Carbon Heat

    Potential to support a new district heating network


Highest Environmental Standards

At Belfast Power Limited we want to play an important role in low-carbon electricity generation for Northern Ireland while having the least possible impact on the environment.

The proposed power station has been designed by Siemens Energy to include cutting-edge technology, meaning it will meet and exceed the highest environmental standards, achieving lower C02 emissions compared to more traditional forms of power generation. A comprehensive Environmental Statement will be submitted alongside the planning application for the project, allowing the Department for Infrastructure and relevant consultees to fully assess environmental considerations such as:

  • Air Quality
  • Noise
  • Hydrology
  • Archaeology & Cultural Heritage
  • Transport Assessment
  • Landscape and Visual Assessment
  • Geology and Soils
  • Airport Proximity
  • Population
  • Hydrogeology
  • Ecology
  • Socio-Economic

During its construction and operation the plant will adhere strictly to all environmental legislation having obtained all necessary permissions and consents in advance. Alongside the requirement to obtain planning permission, the project will also secure an Industrial Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Permit alongside other permits and licences.

Strategic <span>Location</span>

Belfast Power Limited has secured a 13 acre site in the Belfast Harbour Estate.

Earmarked for energy generation, the site is located in Belfast’s industrial heartland away from any residential areas. It is in close proximity to Northern Ireland’s main natural gas network which will provide the power station’s main fuel source. The location of the site will also allow the project to be connected to the tricity transmission system, meaning the power it generates can be transported to the main network and distributed throughout Northern Ireland.

The underground gas connection will form part of Belfast Power Limited’s planning application for the project, while the connection to the electricity network will be taken forward separately by SONI (System Operator for Northern Ireland).

Professional Team
Belfast Power Station Brochure

Click HERE to download the brochure as a pdf.

Belfast Power Station <span>Brochure</span>